Sushi Bar


  • Mixed Sushi (Maki and Nigiri) inc. Wasabi, Ginger

    Salmon Nigiri

    King Prawn Nigiri (Ebi)

    Squid Nigiri (Ika)

    Eel Nigiri (Vnagi)

    Egg Omelette Nigiri (Tamago)

    Octopus Nigiri (Tako)

    Sea Bream Nigiri (Tai)

    Mackerel Nigiri

    Japanese Tofu Nigiri (Inari) Surf Clam Nigiri (Hokkigai)

    Tuna Nigiri (Maguro)


  • Californian Inside-Out Roll

    Salmon Inside-Out Roll

    Salmon Maki Roll

    Salmon Sashimi

    Tuna Maki Roll

    Tuna Sashimi (Maguro)

    Vegetable Inside-Out Roll

    Vegetable Maki Roll (Futomaki)

    Pickled Ginger (Gari)

  • Japanese Peas (Edamame)


    Japanese Soya Sauce

    Japanese Wasabi (Hot Radish)

    Assorted Sushi

    Vegetarian Sushi

    Special Sushi

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Eatto Buffet Restaurant
8-9 Harold Place,
East Sussex TN34 1JA

Tel: 01424 717676
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Ideal restaurant for families, children encouraged to help themselves and food was plentiful and good.

    Review on Tripadvisor

  • The choice and quality of food at Eatto Buffet Restaurant is outstanding.

    Mark Hewett

  • Great value for money, highly recommended for all the family.

    Alan Foster

  • If you love food then you'll love Eatto!

    Abbie Murley